Summer Songs: An Unsettled Soul

Psalm 42-43 is a Psalm of Lament, a poem of intense sadness, and yet it is somehow peppered with hope. The Psalm is confusing, because life is confusing! As we study this heartfelt composition, we find permission to express our true feelings--all our tears and fears--to God, and we are reminded of the soul-lifting hope of the gospel.

Psalm 42-43



Summer Songs: The Joy of Forgiveness

Psalm 32 is a celebration of God's grace. Through the testimony and teaching of a man who had made grave mistakes, we learn that all who genuinely confess their failures will find the joy of forgiveness.

Psalm 32


Summer Songs : Psalm 1


Summer Songs: The Greatest Song of All Times

C.S. Lewis referred to Psalm 19 as "the greatest poem in the Psalter and one of the greatest lyrics in the world." In this powerful psalm, we learn that the observation of nature and the study of Scripture will awaken within us a greater adoration and renewed devotion to God.

Psalm 19