The Mystery of God’s Mercy

Pastor Dillon T Thornton - May 19, 2019

Of all the stories of the Bible, Jonah is one of the best known. But of all the stories in the Bible, Jonah has the most unexpected and overlooked ending. Most people think the story ends with Jonah being released from the fish. Some know that after being released from the fish Jonah traveled to Nineveh to preach. Almost everyone thinks the story ends there. But it doesn’t. There’s a shocking fourth chapter to the story, and it’s in this final chapter that the most powerful lessons of the narrative are revealed.

Jonah 3-4


The Way Down is the Way Up

Pastor Dillon T Thornton - May 12, 2019

We will be ready to share the message of God’s mercy with the world only when we have realized how desperately we need this mercy ourselves.

Jonah 2


When God Hurls a Storm at You

Pastor Dillon T Thornton - May 5, 2019

A reluctant messenger, a cruel city, a fierce storm, and a giant fish. The tale of Jonah has been told and retold for centuries, but perhaps there's more to this children's Sunday School story than meets the eye.

Jonah 1