Sickness and Wandering

Pastor Dillon Thornton

From Ch. 1 to Ch. 5, James has taught us that authentic faith is active faith-- hyperactive faith. In this final part of the letter, he discusses heavy subjects in actionable ways, calling us to intercede for those who are physically sick and to intervene for those who are spiritually off course.

James 5:13-20


Suffering and Waiting

Pastor Dillon Thornton

We will often suffer. We will sometimes understand why we are suffering. We can always trust God during our suffering.

James 5:7-12


Sinful Gain and a Selfish Grip

Pastor Dillon Thornton

Do you worship money, or do you worship Christ with your money? James warns us about the dangers of hoarding wealth, cheating others to make a profit, and living luxuriously. All of these are evidences of a heart driven by the desire to acquire.

James 5:1-6


Arrogant Planning and Divine Providence

Pastor Dillon Thornton

Rather than having an arrogant and selfish attitude as we structure our days, James calls us to have an attitude of humility before God that becomes the fixed position of our hearts in all of our planning.

James 4:13-17


Worldliness and Godliness

Pastor Dillon Thornton

When the ways of the world creep into the church, the people of God repent.

James 4:1-12


Wisdom from Above and Wisdom from Below

Justin Halog

James 3:13-18


Blessing God and Cursing Others

Pastor Dillon Thornton

Words are powerful things. They can stir up positive action, bring healing to a conflict, and encourage the downcast. But words also have destructive potential. The tongue is the most powerful weapon we have, both for good and for evil. So the question is: How do you use your words?

James 3:1-12


Fake Faith and Active Faith

Pastor Dillon Thornton

In this highly controversial passage, James warns us that true faith is more than speaking theological lingo or feeling a spiritual high. While faith includes the cognitive and affective dimensions, it cannot be reduced to these. Faith thinks. Faith feels. And faith works.

James 2:14-26


The Sin of Partiality

Justin Halog

Discrimination of the poor violates the kingdom law of love.

James 2:1-13


Hearing and Doing

Pastor Dillon Thornton

Contemporary Christians often emphasize that the Bible is readable. "Have you had your quiet time today?" James emphasizes that the Bible is livable. He wants us to take the Word of God into our lives in such a way that it gets metabolized into words of encouragement, acts of love, and a life of purity. "Be doers of the word, and not hearers only."

James 1:19-27


Tough Times and the Good God

Pastor Dillon Thornton

Suffering is a certainty, so every Christian needs a theology for the trenches. In this second part of our Hyperfaith series, James, the brother of Jesus and leader of the early church, continues to teach us about trials, introduces the touchy subject of temptation, and thereby shapes our concept of God. Enduring the trials of this earth begins with thinking rightly about our Heavenly Father.

James 1:12-18


Hyperfaith: Behavioral Belief

Pastor Dillon Thornton

James is one of the most controversial and yet practical books of the Bible. Covering a wide range of real-life issues--such as dealing with anger, controlling our speech, and encountering suffering--James teaches us that the knowledge of God is incomplete without the practice of godliness. For James, authentic faith is active faith, hyperactive faith.

James 1:1-11