Tough Times and the Good God

Pastor Dillon Thornton

Suffering is a certainty, so every Christian needs a theology for the trenches. In this second part of our Hyperfaith series, James, the brother of Jesus and leader of the early church, continues to teach us about trials, introduces the touchy subject of temptation, and thereby shapes our concept of God. Enduring the trials of this earth begins with thinking rightly about our Heavenly Father.

James 1:12-18


Hyperfaith: Behavioral Belief

Pastor Dillon Thornton

James is one of the most controversial and yet practical books of the Bible. Covering a wide range of real-life issues--such as dealing with anger, controlling our speech, and encountering suffering--James teaches us that the knowledge of God is incomplete without the practice of godliness. For James, authentic faith is active faith, hyperactive faith.

James 1:1-11