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Kids Cove Worship

What is Worship?

Pastor Dillon T Thornton - May 26, 2019

Worship isn’t just something we do; it’s where God does something to us. It’s the gymnasium where God retrains our hearts, the encounter that re-stories our lives like nothing else does. Worship has such formative power because the entire service is an enactment of the greatest story, the drama of redemption.

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Revitalization Informational Meeting

Miss our informational meeting on July 9? No worries, we have it here for you. Learn the process our Revitalization Team went through in deciding to move to one worship service.


Worship in Song

Want to pick a few of the praise songs or hymns we’ve been singing in corporate worship this month and integrate them into your family worship times? Check out our Spotify playlist. We continue to update it on a regular basis, so stay tuned and enjoy our journey of worship together!