Why We Need the Easter Story to Be True

Pastor Dillon T Thornton - April 21, 2019

Easter is a strange day. A magical bunny, baskets of chocolate breakfast foods, and countless people who break their Sunday fun day routine, choosing a religious gathering over a brewery tour, bike ride, or day on the boat. Whether you would say it in these terms or not, Easter is a Holy Day, a day that’s set apart from all others. It’s unusual. It’s strange. It always has been. Deep down, the strangeness of Easter is to be attributed to it's message.

John 20:1-23


Jesus, the Vintner

Pastor Dillon T Thornton - April 14, 2019

In John 2, we read about the first of many "signs" that Jesus performed during his earthly ministry. This pilot, powerful action points us to the reality of who Jesus is and what he came to do for us.

John 2:1-11