Pastor Dillon T Thornton - 10/13/19

Following Jesus means giving to others. But how much should we give? How often should we give? What is the best attitude from which to give? And what is the ultimate reason behind our giving?

2 Corinthians 9:6-15


Pastor Dillon T Thornton - 9/29/19

The practice of hospitality begins with renovation: not a change to the look of our homes, but a change in the way we think about and use our homes. Our homes are not places of personal retreat, but the hubs where missionary work happens.

Luke 5:27-32


Pastor Dillon T Thornton - 9/15/19

Christ calls us to partner with other believers in the context of a local church for the purpose of displaying his glory to the world.

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Pastor Dillon T Thornton - 9/8/19

In an age of hurry sickness, disconnection anxiety, and noise addiction, we need to develop the capacity to be contentedly and constructively alone. In the Christian perspective, aloneness is the practice of escaping to a private and silent place to read, think, pray, and write for the purpose of reemerging with an energetic commitment to God's mission.

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Pastor Dillon T Thornton - 9/1/19

Communion is a feast of forgiveness, a time for the faith community to remember Christ's sacrifice, to receive the spiritual nourishment we need to live for Christ in the present, and to anticipate the day of his return.

1 Corinthians 11:17-34


Pastor Dillon T Thornton - 8/25/19

Fasting is the voluntary denial of a normal activity for a spiritual purpose.

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Speaking (to God)

Pastor Dillon T Thornton - 8/18/19

Prayer is the continuation of the conversational-transformational work that God has started.

Matthew 6:9-13; Ephesians 1:15-23

Listening (to the Word)

Pastor Dillon T Thornton - 8/11/19

No habit of faith is more important than the practice of devoting ourselves to the study of God's Word.

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Work Out Your Salvation

Pastor Dillon T Thornton - 8/4/19

The Christian life is one of Spirit-empowered, human effort; we work out as God works in.

Phil 2:12-16

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