Disciple-Making Institute

The Disciple-Making Institute is an ongoing series of small group fellowships, actionable seminars, and hands-on workshops united by the common goal of equipping people of all ages to love Christ with their whole hearts, think Christianly about the world and everything in it, and live faithfully by displaying the beautiful truth of the gospel in every sphere of life.

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Connection Groups: Experience Community

Small group fellowships designed to connect people to God and to each other. Connection groups are informal and discussion-based, serving as a great way to meet new people and begin the journey of life-on-life discipleship. Check out the full list of groups here.

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Faith Thinking: Seek Understanding

Actionable seminars created for those with a desire to go deeper in the faith or tackle tough subjects. Faith Thinking events address topics such as faith and science, the reliability of the Bible, human sexuality, and technology and the family. Check out the full list of seminars here. 

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Theology through the Arts: Expand Creativity

Hands-on workshops crafted with the creative in mind. Better understand and develop the artistic capacities gifted to you by God, the premier Creator-Artist. Workshops explore the visual, musical, and culinary arts. Check out the full list of workshops here.