Brave Love: The Lion Among the Lions

Daniel's unparalleled service in Babylon earns him both friends and foes, which gives rise to his greatest challenge and the most famous moment of the book: the lion's den. As he faces this final threat, Daniel shows us how to maintain our devotion to God and the city.

Daniel 5-6


Brave Love: When Pride Comes

The prideful and stubborn Nebuchadnezzar suffers utter humiliation and as a result experiences true transformation, showing us that the Most High God is able to humble all those who walk in pride.

Daniel 4


Brave Love: The Furnace of God

When the pressure of pluralism mounts, and Babylon begins to bow, exiles display calm faith in the true God, knowing that the one who fought the ultimate fire will be present with his people in every lesser flame.
Daniel 3


Brave Love: Solving a Mystery for the City

In a perilous time, God empowers one of his exiles to intervene, solving a hopeless mystery, bringing security to the city, and consequently causing the faithless to consider the one true God.

Daniel 2


Brave Love: Deported, but Undefiled 

Daniel and his friends are cast into a foreign land full of false gods. In their existence as exiles, they both accept and reject the Babylonian culture, and they display both courage and compassion, thus showing us how to live faithfully among the faithless of the twenty-first century.

Daniel 1